The Bangalore Pantry

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The Bangalore Pantry is the latest bistro in the city. Located at 100 ft Road, Indiranagar, the bistro is right where the action is, just next to Toit. You walk up a flight of black stairs and enter a snug world where art meets chatter. The concept of the place is unique: it is a casual bistro where you eat unpretentious soul food that reminds you of your home town; while the walls serve as a gallery for upcoming artists who can showcase their own creations on them.

Casual and comfortable ‘canteen-style’ dining is what the founders fondly describe the place as. If it is ‘canteen-style,’ you can definitely expect a lot of chatter from the patrons.

The menu is a carefully selected melange of scrumptious items that are favorites in different parts of the country, but which are not readily available all at one place in Bangalore. For example, on one hand you get the famous Vegetable Chop from Bengal with a tangy mustard dip (Kasundi), and on the other hand you get delicious Paneer Akuri with Pav (spicy scrambled cottage cheese with buns). On one hand you get spicy Livers on Toast (chicken liver on toast), while on the other hand, you can order some nutty Khara Bun Congress (soft buns filled with spicy peanuts). Wash down these moreish delicacies with the aromatic Rose Soda or tea, and you will actually find yourself wanting for more.



The ambience is a mix of industrial and retro styles. The walls are definitely not to be missed. The slim dangling lamps defy their slimness to make the place warm and comfortable. Don’t forget to notice the black switches can which take you back to your canteen days.

The founders of the bistro are extremely passionate about food. A couple, Anirban and Roshu have travelled across the country and selected foods which reflect the essence of different places to be on their menu. They are also serial food entrepreneurs; their first venture Masala Chai is a favorite spot for people in Whitefield.

So, are you in the mood for some Cheese Bread Rolls or Bowring Kulfi with caramel? Head straight to The Bangalore Pantry for some lip-smacking goodies.



Note that The Bangalore Pantry is almost ready to be launched. Mayodip was invited for a food trial of the bistro, and the place will launch very soon, probably in the next few days. Watch out for the upcoming panoramic shots of the bistro here only on

Masala Chai

Menu and more details coming soon!